Life has a purpose so stop living as if it hasn’t!

“Life has a purpose so stop living as if it hasn’t!”

This was the message which Clare Heath-Whyte gave at the London Women’s Convention.

Last Saturday, I went to the convention with some of my friends from church; we really enjoyed the challenging teaching, heartfelt worship and a day out together.

Talking about time wasting and using herself as an example of someone who is tempted to whittle away her life doing very little, Clare told us, “Stop wasting time faffing about on Facebook!” and “Be alert!” (1 Peter 4:7). She challenged us to use our time wisely by asking, “How best might I serve my Lord today?”

As Christians, we know we’re made by God and know where we’re headed in life. If we keep our whole purpose for existence in mind we’ll find that we’re much more willing to give up our time, money and effort for what really matters – our God and his glory.

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